Legion baseball update (thru June 9)

N.C. Area IV 2023

(Standings through June 9)

Eastern Division Division Overall/Playoffs
Queen City 4-0 6-1/0-0
Gaston Post 144-266 1-0 3-2/0-0
Matthews Post 235 1-2 2-6/0-0
Lincoln County Post 455 0-0 1-2/0-0
Gastonia Post 23 0-2 2-6/0-0
Mint Hill Post 555 0-2 1-3/0-0

Western Division Division Overall/Playoffs
Burke County Post 21 4-1 5-2/0-0
Asheville Post 70 3-1 3-2/0-0
Rutherford County Post 423 2-1 2-1/0-0
Cherryville Post 100 1-1 5-4/0-0
Cleveland County Post 82-155 0-1 6-1/0-0
Hickory Post 48 0-2 2-5/0-0
Caldwell County Post 29 0-3 1-5/0-0

Regular-season games:

x-non-division games
(All games at 7 p.m. unless otherwise noted)

Tuesday, May 16
No games scheduled

Wednesday, May 17
x-Hickory at Gastonia (H 6-5)

Thursday, May 18
x-Gastonia at Hickory (G 13-4)

Friday, May 19
No games scheduled

Saturday, May 20
x-Gastonia at Cleveland (C 7-1)
x-Matthews at Cherryville (C 6-2)

Sunday, May 21
x-Cherryville at Gastonia (C 11-0)
Cleveland at Rutherford (R 7-6 in 9)
Hickory at Burke (B 3-2)

Monday, May 22
x-Gaffney, S.C. at Cleveland (C 9-1)
x-GBraves at Hickory (G 6-2)

Tuesday, May 23
x-Cleveland at Gastonia (C 9-0)
x-Lincoln at Hickory (H 8-7)
x-Matthews at Kannapolis (K 12-11)

Wednesday, May 24
Burke at Rutherford (B 5-2)
x-Cleveland at GBraves (ccd.)
x-Queen City at Cherryville (Q 15-11)
x-Rock Hill, S.C. at Caldwell (R 9-3)

Thursday, May 25
x-Cherryville at Queen City (Q 4-2)
x-Gastonia at GBraves (Gastonia 4-3)

Friday, May 26
x-Lincoln at Burke (B 7-5)
x-Queen City at Cleveland (ccd.)

Saturday, May 27
No games scheduled

Sunday, May 28
Cherryville at Burke, ppd., May 31
x-Kannapolis at Cleveland, 1 p.m. DH, ccd.

Monday, May 29
Asheville at Cherryville (ppd., May 30)
x-Matthews at Mocksville (ppd., no date)

Tuesday, May 30
Asheville at Cherryville (C 3-1)
x-Cherryville at Gastonia (ppd., no date)

Wednesday, May 31
x-Asheville at Easley, S.C. (E 13-12)
Cherryville at Burke (B 4-2)
Matthews at Queen City (Q 5-2)

Thursday, June 1
Asheville at Caldwell (A 13-2)
x-Cherryville at Rowan (R 6-1)
x-Concord at Mint Hill (M 10-1)
x-Gaffney, S.C. vs. Cleveland at Gardner-Webb (C 5-4)

Friday, June 2
Burke at Caldwell (B 3-1)
Queen City at Matthews (Q 16-9)

Saturday, June 3
No games scheduled

Sunday, June 4
Asheville at Hickory (A 14-5)
Mint Hill at Matthews (Matthews 6-5)

Monday, June 5
x-Burke at GBraves (G 3-1 in 9)
x-Mint Hill at Cleveland (C 8-2)
Queen City at Gastonia (Q 12-6)

Tuesday, June 6
Asheville at Burke (A 4-1)
x-Caldwell at Matthews (M 5-3)
GBraves at Gastonia (GBraves 9-4)
Mint Hill at Queen City (Q 8-7)

Wednesday, June 7
x-GBraves at Caldwell (C 17-6 in 5)
x-Matthews at Cherryville (C 9-0)

Thursday, June 8
Caldwell at Rutherford (R 7-5)
x-GBraves at Cherryville (ccd.)
x-Hickory at Lincoln (L 6-2)

Friday, June 9
x-Matthews at Fort Mill, S.C. (F 12-7)
x-Queen City at Gastonia (ccd.)
(June Classic at Shelby/Cherryville)
Pool A- Cleveland, Rowan, Wayne
Pool B- Anderson S.C., Cherryville, Queen City
x-Anderson, S.C. at Cleveland (C 5-4)
x-Wayne at Cherryville (C 3-1)
x-Queen City vs. Rowan, 8 p.m. at Shelby (R 4-3)

Saturday, June 10
Hickory at Caldwell
(June Classic at Shelby/Cherryville)
x-Wayne vs. Rowan, 2 p.m. at Shelby
x-Queen City vs. Anderson, S.C., 2 p.m. at Cherryville
x-Queen City at Cherryville, 4:30 p.m.
x-Rowan at Cleveland, 4:30 p.m.
x-Anderson, S.C. at Cherryville, 7 p.m.
x-Wayne at Cleveland, 7 p.m.

Sunday, June 11
GBraves at Mint Hill
Lincoln at Matthews
Rutherford at Hickory
(June Classic at Shelby)
x-Pool A No. 1 vs. Pool B No. 2, noon
x-Pool A No. 2 vs. Pool B No. 1, 2:30 p.m.

Monday, June 12
Cleveland at Cherryville
x-Hickory at GBraves

Tuesday, June 13
Asheville at Rutherford
Cherryville at Caldwell
Cleveland at Hickory
GBraves at Matthews
Mint Hill at Gastonia
Queen City at Lincoln

Wednesday, June 14
x-Caldwell at GBraves

Thursday, June 15
Caldwell at Hickory
Cleveland at Asheville
Lincoln at Mint Hill
Matthews at Gastonia
Rutherford at Cherryville

Friday, June 16
Cleveland at Caldwell
x-Hamlet at Matthews
(North-South Challenge at Fort Mill, S.C.)
x-Florence, S.C. vs. Cherryville, 5 p.m.
x-Fort Mill, S.C. vs. Cherryville, 7:30 p.m.

Saturday, June 17
Caldwell at Cleveland
Gastonia at Lincoln
x-Lancaster, S.C. at Matthews
Mint Hill at GBraves
x-Mount Airy at Asheville, 2 p.m. DH
Rutherford at Burke
(North-South Challenge at Fort Mill, S.C.)
x-Florence, S.C. vs. Davidson County, 11 a.m.
x-Florence, S.C. vs. Queen City, 1:30 p.m.
x-Rock Hill, S.C. vs. Cherryville, 4 p.m.
x-Fort Mill, S.C. vs. Queen City, 6:30 p.m.

Sunday, June 18
GBraves at Lincoln
Rutherford at Cleveland
(North-South Challenge at Fort Mill, S.C.)
x-Rock Hill, S.C. vs. Queen City, noon
x-Rock Hill, S.C. vs. Davidson County, 2:30 p.m.
x-Fort Mill, S.C. vs. Davidson County, 5 p.m.

Monday, June 19
Asheville at Caldwell
Burke at Hickory
GBraves at Gastonia
Matthews at Lincoln

Tuesday, June 20
Cherryville at Asheville
Mint Hill at Lincoln

Wednesday, June 21
Burke at Cleveland
Cherryville at Rutherford
Hickory at Asheville
Matthews at Mint Hill
Queen City at GBraves, 5 p.m. DH

Thursday, June 22
Burke at Cherryville
x-Matthews at Caldwell

Friday, June 23
x-Caldwell at Lincoln
Gastonia at Matthews
Hickory at Cherryville
(Randolph County tournament at Asheboro)
x-Cleveland vs. Martinsville, Va., 5:30 p.m.

Saturday, June 24
Burke at Asheville
Cherryville at Hickory
Lincoln at GBraves
Queen City at Mint Hill
Rutherford at Caldwell
(Randolph County tournament at Asheboro)
x-Cleveland at Randolph, 2 p.m.
x-Cleveland vs. St. Marys, Md., 4:30 p.m.

Sunday, June 25
Caldwell at Burke
Gastonia at Queen City
Hickory at Rutherford
x-Cleveland at Rowan, 1:30 p.m.

Monday, June 26
Cherryville at Cleveland
Lincoln at Gastonia
x-Mint Hill at GBraves

Tuesday, June 27
Cleveland at Burke
x-Matthews at Hamlet

Wednesday, June 28
Asheville at Rutherford
Caldwell at Cherryville
Hickory at Cleveland
Lincoln at Queen City
Matthews at GBraves

Thursday, June 29
Asheville at Cleveland
Gastonia at Mint Hill

Friday, June 30
Area IV pairings meeting

Area IV playoffs:
First round (July 1-5, best of 5)
Quarterfinals (July 6-11, best of 5)
Semifinals (July 12-19, best of 7)
Final (July 20-22, 1 game or best of 3)



N.C. Area IV 2023 Junior Legion

(Division records: Standings through June 8)

Eastern Division
Dallas 5-1
Matthews Post 235 4-1
Palisades 2-2
Gaston Christian 2-3
Belmont Post 144 1-4
Cramer 0-3

Western Division
East Rutherford 6-0
Cherryville Post 100 4-1
Cleveland County Post 82-155 2-3
R-S Central 2-3
Burns 2-4
Bessemer City Post 243 0-5

Northern Division
South Caldwell No. 1 5-0
South Caldwell No. 2 3-2
Hibriten 1-1
Chase 0-2
McDowell County 0-2
West Caldwell 0-2

(x-non-division games)
Monday, May 15
x-Matthews at Mt. Pleasant (Matthews 13-11)

Tuesday, May 16
No games scheduled

Wednesday, May 17
x-Kannapolis at Matthews (M 12-2)

Thursday, May 18
x-Matthews at Kannapolis (M 16-5)

Friday, May 19
No games scheduled

Saturday, May 20
x-Matthews at Cleveland (C 10-6)

Sunday, May 21
x-Matthews at Lexington (L 7-4)

Monday, May 22
x-Rock Hill, S.C. at Matthews (R 9-4)

Tuesday, May 23
x-Cramer at Cleveland (Cleveland 7-5)

Wednesday, May 24
x-Cramer at Cleveland (Cramer 10-5)

Thursday, May 25
x-Cherryville at Gaston Christian (G 11-7)

Friday, May 26
x-Matthews at Rock Hill, S.C. (R 10-3)

Saturday, May 27
No games scheduled

Sunday, May 28
x-South Charlotte Braves at Matthews (ppd., no date)

Monday, May 29
Bessemer City at R-S Central (R 11-3)
x-Matthews at Mocksville (ppd., no date)
McDowell at West Caldwell (no report)
South Caldwell-1 at Chase (SC 14-7)
South Caldwell-2 at Hibriten (H 3-0)

Tuesday, May 30
Belmont at Cramer (no report)
Bessemer City at East Rutherford (E 14-4)
Dallas at Matthews (D 16-3)
Hibriten at Chase (no report)
R-S Central at Cleveland (R 3-2)
South Caldwell-2 at McDowell (S 8-3)
West Caldwell at South Caldwell-1 (S 15-0)

Wednesday, May 31
Belmont at Dallas (D 18-3)
Burns at Cleveland (C 21-10)
Cramer at Gaston Christian (G 7-6)
East Rutherford at Cherryville (E 15-2)

Thursday, June 1
Burns at Bessemer City (Burns 13-2)
Chase at West Caldwell (no report)
Dallas at Cramer (D 9-6)
Gaston Christian at Matthews (M 10-7)
Hibriten at McDowell (no report)
Palisades at Belmont (P 15-4)
R-S Central at East Rutherford (E 4-1)
South Caldwell-1 at South Caldwell-2 (S-1 14-1)

Friday, June 2
Cleveland at Cherryville (Cville 10-0)
Palisades at Gaston Christian (P 8-3)

Saturday, June 3
x-Cleveland at East Rutherford (E 11-3)
x-Davidson County at Matthews (D 12-2)

Sunday, June 4
No games scheduled

Monday, June 5
Cherryville at Bessemer City (C 5-4 in 9)
Cramer at Matthews (M 7-2)
Dallas at Palisades (D 13-9)
Gaston Christian at Belmont (B 10-0)
Hibriten at South Caldwell-1 (S 17-0)
McDowell at Chase (no report)
R-S Central at Burns (B 11-10)
West Caldwell at South Caldwell-2 (S 14-4)

Tuesday, June 6
Bessemer City at Cleveland (C 9-6)
Chase at South Caldwell-2 (S 10-3)
Cherryville at R-S Central (C 10-6)
Cramer at Palisades (no report)
Dallas at Gaston Christian (G 8-7)
East Rutherford at Burns (E 6-0)
Matthews at Belmont (M 6-2)
McDowell at South Caldwell-1 (S 16-0)
West Caldwell at Hibriten (no report)

Wednesday, June 7
East Rutherford at Cleveland (E 8-4)

Thursday, June 8
Chase at South Caldwell-1 (no report)
Cherryville at East Rutherford (E 10-0 in 6)
Cleveland at Burns (C 13-12)
Cramer at Gaston Christian (no report)
Dallas at Belmont (D 14-4)
Hibriten at South Caldwell-2 (no report)
Matthews at Palisades (M 8-4)
R-S Central at Bessemer City (no report)
West Caldwell at McDowell (no report)

Friday, June 9
x-Concord A’s at Matthews

Saturday, June 10
No games scheduled

Sunday, June 11
No games scheduled

Monday, June 12
Chase at Hibriten
Cherryville at Burns
Cleveland at R-S Central
Cramer at Belmont
East Rutherford at Bessemer City
Matthews at Dallas
McDowell at South Caldwell-2
South Caldwell-1 at West Caldwell

Tuesday, June 13
Belmont at Palisades
Bessemer City at Burns
Cherryville at Cleveland
Cramer at Dallas
East Rutherford at R-S Central
Matthews at Gaston Christian
McDowell at Hibriten
South Caldwell-2 at South Caldwell-1
West Caldwell at Chase

Wednesday, June 14
Bessemer City at Cherryville

Thursday, June 15
Belmont at Gaston Christian
Burns at R-S Central
Chase at McDowell
Cramer at Matthews
Palisades at Dallas
South Caldwell-1 at Hibriten
South Caldwell-2 at West Caldwell

Friday, June 16
Gaston Christian at Palisades

Saturday, June 17
x-Matthews at Concord Metro

Sunday, June 18
x-Cramer at Cherryville
Palisades at Matthews

Monday, June 19
Belmont at Matthews
Burns at East Rutherford
Cleveland at Bessemer City
Gaston Christian at Dallas
Hibriten at West Caldwell
Palisades at Cramer
R-S Central at Cherryville
South Caldwell-1 at McDowell
South Caldwell-2 at Chase

Tuesday, June 20
x-Belmont at Chase
x-Bessemer City at Hibriten
x-Burns at Matthews
x-Cramer at McDowell
x-Dallas at R-S Central
x-Gaston Christian at East Rutherford
x-South Caldwell-1 at Cleveland
x-South Caldwell-2 at Cherryville

Wednesday, June 21
x-Hibriten at Cherryville

Thursday, June 22
x-Bessemer City at Gaston Christian
x-Burns at South Caldwell-1
x-Chase at Palisades
x-McDowell at Dallas
x-R-S Central at Belmont
x-South Caldwell-2 at East Rutherford
x-West Caldwell at East Rutherford

Friday, June 23
x-Belmont at Cleveland
x-Chase at Bessemer City
x-Dallas at South Caldwell-2
x-East Rutherford at Hibriten
x-Matthews at West Caldwell
x-McDowell at Burns
x-Palisades at R-S Central
x-South Caldwell-1 at Gaston Christian

Saturday, June 24
Burns at Cherryville
x-Concord Metro at Matthews

Sunday, June 25
x-Cleveland at Matthews

Monday, June 26
x-Cherryville at Dallas
x-Cleveland at McDowell
x-Cramer at Burns
x-East Rutherford at Chase
x-Gaston Christian at West Caldwell
x-Hibriten at Belmont
x-Matthews at South Caldwell-2
x-Palisades at Bessemer City
x-R-S Central at South Caldwell-1

Tuesday, June 27
x-Belmont at Cherryville
x-Bessemer City at Dallas
x-Burns at Chase
x-Cramer at West Caldwell
x-East Rutherford at South Caldwell-1
x-Gaston Christian at R-S Central
x-Hibriten at Palisades
x-McDowell at Matthews
x-South Caldwell-2 at Cleveland


Playoffs begin June 30