FINAL 2022 HS FOOTBALL STATISTICS: East Lincoln, Cramer, West Lincoln, Burns, Crest and South Point set superlatives for season

By Richard Walker

A banner year for high school football in Cleveland, Gaston and Lincoln counties wrapped up earlier this month with the 46th state title claimed by a team from the area.

Recent major college scholarship signees Tyler Mizzell (Wake Forest), Keandre Walker (Virginia) and Ben Cutter (West Virginia) led East Lincoln to a 16-0 overall record and the 2022 N.C. 3A state title.

East Lincoln’s 30-15 victory over Northern Nash at N.C. State’s Carter-Finley Stadium for the N.C. 3A championship not only ended a perfect 16-0 season for the Mustangs, it gave East Lincoln its third perfect 16-0 state title-winning season.

The Mustangs’ title was the fifth in Lincoln County history; Lincolnton has the other two.

Cleveland County leads the area with 29 state titles followed by Gaston County with 12.

East Lincoln’s team success came in a year in which many individuals had exceptional, record-setting seasons.

Here are the highlights:

Cramer’s Justin Rocquemore finished as the Gaston County career passing leader with 6,652 yards.

West Lincoln’s Mason Avery set Lincoln County records for career rushing yards (4,726), single-season rushing yards (2,622) and single-game rushing yards (397 against Newton-Conover).

Burns’ Ben Mauney and Ryan Thompson set school records as the Bulldogs matched their all-time single-season record for wins (13); Mauney’s 3,392 yards passing is a single-season school record and Thompson set a career reception (188 catches) record.

Ben Mauney

Crest’s Javarius Green set a Cleveland County single-game receiving yardage and touchdown record with 309 yards and five TDs against Shelby.

For the Cleveland/Gaston/Lincoln area, Avery (scoring and rushing yards), Mauney (passing yards) and Green (receiving yards) were the top individual leaders.

And Crest (total yards and passing yards) and South Point (rushing yards) were the team leaders.

The 2022 high school football statistical leaders based on numbers reported by the respective schools:


Mason Avery

-Individual scoring
Mason Avery, West Lincoln 232
Cam Medlock, South Point 204
Ryan Thompson, Burns 170
Javarius Green, Crest 138
Markell Clark, East Lincoln 126
Christopher Daley, East Lincoln 126
Izay Bridges, Shelby 120
Patrick Blee, South Point 116
Teddy Jeffries, Kings Mountain 114
Jeremiah Norris, Burns 114
Khamoni Heath, Lincolnton 90
Caleb Holland, Kings Mountain 84
Sirr Stovall, East Gaston 80
Charlie Birtwhistle, South Point 70
Jaden Ellis, Kings Mountain 69
Carmelo Bess, Ashbrook 66 (missing 2 games)
Andre Bost, Lincolnton 62
A.J. Adams, Crest 62
Christian Holland, Forestview 60
A.J. Richardson, Kings Mountain 60
Malachi Addison, Crest 56
Nate Eaton, Mtn Isl Charter 56
Cody Morse, North Lincoln 56
Tyler Ward, Cramer 56
Jaylen Winnex, West Lincoln 56
Ja’Keith Hamilton, Shelby 54
Ny’Tavious Huskey, Crest 54
Bricen Kee, Shelby 54
Jack Berkowitz, Shelby 51
Justin Rocquemore, Cramer 50

Ny’Tavious Huskey

-Individual passing
Ben Mauney, Burns 3392
Ny’Tavious Huskey, Crest 3226
Daylin Lee, Shelby 2694
Tyler Mizzell, East Lincoln 2679
Lamont Littlejohn, Kings Mountain 2488
Justin Rocquemore, Cramer 2348
Trent Sherrill, East Gaston 1204
Jaxson Hill, Forestview 1202
Andre Bost, Lincolnton 1183
Jameer Holmes, Bessemer City 1170
Chase Miller, Cherryville 826
Dwayne Field, Mtn Isl Charter 791
Patrick Blee, South Point 688
Javarion Brown, Huss 679
Connor Carson, North Lincoln 557

-Individual rushing

Cam Medlock

Mason Avery, West Lincoln 2622
Cam Medlock, South Point 1998
Christopher Daley, East Lincoln 1767
Patrick Blee, South Point 1419
Jeremiah Norris, Burns 1353
Sirr Stovall, East Gaston 1219
Cody Morse, North Lincoln 1189
Teddy Jeffries, Kings Mountain 1144
Carmelo Bess, Ashbrook 1133 (missing 2 games)
Jaylen Winnex, West Lincoln 952
Aiden Carson, Crest 947
Nate Eaton, Mtn Isl Charter 937
Caleb Holland, Kings Mountain 825
Khamoni Heath, Lincolnton 798
Christian Holland, Forestview 777
Ny’Tavious Huskey, Crest 747
Javarion Brown, Huss 706
Tyler Mizzell, East Lincoln 700
Bricen Kee, Shelby 691
Chase Johnson, East Gaston 571
J.J. Gordon, North Gaston 562
Justin Rocquemore, Cramer 551
Andre Bost, Lincolnton 533

Javarius Green

-Individual receiving
Javarius Green, Crest 1267
Ryan Thompson, Burns 1133
Izay Bridges, Shelby 924
Ja’Keith Hamilton, Shelby 899
Markell Clark, East Lincoln 891
Keandre Walker, East Lincoln 859
Isaiah Johnson, Cramer 855
JaQualyn Sanders, Kings Mountain 762
A.J. Adams, Crest 712
Kahari Surratt, Burns 707
Malachi Addison, Crest 673
Tyler Ward, Cramer 629
Andrew Phelps, Lincolnton 541

-Total offense
Crest 5503
South Point 5225
Kings Mountain 5068
West Lincoln 4715
Shelby 4334
East Gaston 3811
Cramer 3633
East Lincoln 3336
Lincolnton 3268
Mtn Isl Charter 3165
North Lincoln 3026
Forestview 2359
Huss 2152
Bessemer City 2096
Ashbrook 2016 (missing 2 games)
Cherryville 1917
North Gaston 1359
Highland Tech 1105 (missing 1 game)

-Rushing offense
South Point 4422
West Lincoln 4314
East Lincoln 3127
East Gaston 2607
Kings Mountain 2571
North Lincoln 2447
Crest 2182
Lincolnton 1959
Mtn Isl Charter 1726
Ashbrook 1722 (missing 2 games)
Shelby 1548
Huss 1473
Cramer 1129
Forestview 1084
Bessemer City 888
Cherryville 823
North Gaston 818
Highland Tech 809 (missing 1 game)

-Passing offense
Crest 3321
Shelby 2786
East Lincoln 2673
Cramer 2504
Kings Mountain 2947
Mtn Isl Charter 1439
Lincolnton 1309
Forestview 1275
Bessemer City 1208
East Gaston 1204
Cherryville 1094
South Point 803
Huss 679
North Lincoln 579
North Gaston 541
West Lincoln 401
Highland Tech 296 (missing 1 game)
Ashbrook 294 (missing 2 games)