3-17-24 roundup: Hall of Fame, Pro basketball and soccer, College basketball, High school baseball, Middle school baseball and soccer, Auto racing

By Richard Walker

When Willie Gillispie grew up in Gaston County in the 1950s and 1960s, he developed a love affair with baseball.

Willie Gillispie

The sport helped create opportunities folks of Gillispie’s era couldn’t have imagined in his childhood – and it’s now led into induction in two halls of fame.

A 2015 inductee into the North Carolina American Legion Hall of Fame, Gillispie will be a part of the 2024 Gaston County Sports Hall of Fame induction class on April 8 at the Gastonia Conference Center.

“It’s going to be a great honor for me,” Gillispie said. “I will say this: There’s a lot of people that deserve to be in the Gaston County Sports Hall of Fame. What I accomplished in Gaston County is very important to me because I love Gaston County – and I had a lot of help.”

Gillispie was a racial pioneer for teams and for a former Gaston County high school in the 1960s where his success helped eased many of the tensions that existed during his athletic career.

Gillispie and another African-American classmate from Gastonia’s old Highland High School, Elmore Hill, were asked to do something even they were unaware of at the time when they were invited to play for Gastonia American Legion Post 23’s baseball team in 1964.

“It was hard,” Gillispie said. “I’m not going to sit her and say it wasn’t hard.”

But Gillispie overcame racial slurs, perceived slights and a climate where many were unhappy with he and Hill being on the field as the first African-American baseball players in the state of North Carolina.

Perhaps an early adversity Gillispie faced that later turned into his “Jet” nickname is an indication of how Gillispie turned doubters into believers with his ability on the field.

Early in the 1964 season, Gillispie was on first base and given a steal sign just before a batter singled to right field. Since Gillispie was schooled in aggressive baseball, he figured he would be at third base in moments when Post 23 assistant coach and third base coach Don Saine held him up.

“When I got past second, coach Saine held me up,” Gillispie said. “So when I tried to get back, I got tagged out. And when I got to the bench, he chewed me out. I said, ‘Coach, no disrespect, but if you’re stealing me and there’s a base hit to right field, don’t hold me up because I’m going to be on third base.’
“After that, they never held me up.”

To make light of the situation, a Post 23 teammate came up with a name that has stuck with him ever since.

Willie Gillispie (center) with sons Lovell Gillispie (left) and Travis Gillispie (right) when they played together on the Gastonia Tigers semipro team.

“Bill Grant started calling me ‘Jet’ after the happened,” Gillispie said. “They were teasing me about getting tagged out but after that, I think I stole about 18 straight bases. And the name stuck.”

Saine, a 2007 GCSHOF inductee, became so fond of Gillispie that within a year, he coached the speedy running back on his football team at old Dallas High – or when Gillispie and two other African-American players broke the color line at that school in the fall of 1965.

Gillispie later became a member of the first Gaston College baseball team in 1968 while playing for the same head coach he had in 1964 playing for the Post 23 team.

Amazingly, Gillispie was only 15 years old when he played for Post 23 in the summer of 1964.

And while Jackie Robinson had broken the color line in major league baseball 17 years earlier, the Civil Rights Act that prompted change in states like North Carolina wasn’t ratified until five weeks into their historic season.

Also, even as the Supreme Court’s precedent-setting Brown vs. Board of Education ruling was 10 years earlier, Gaston County was two years away from fully integrating its schools.

As he looks back now, Gillispie says his youthfulness meant he needed help to navigate the challenges he faced that summer.

And he credits Hill, a 2010 GCSHOF inductee who was two years older than him, with being a mentor.

“My good fortune was having a big brother on that team in Elmore Hill,” Gillispie said. “He was always calm no matter what happened and I was a hot head. So I had him to kind of calm me down when things were tough.
“I remember when we playing a game at the old Fairgrounds in Hickory. And this bunch of kids sitting on the brick wall were throwing pebbles at me and hitting me on the back of the legs. I think he was playing center and I was in right or left field.
“I said, ‘Moe, what we’re going to do?’ He said, ‘Jet, just play ball!’
“So it was hard and it was different. But I had a lot of support from my teammates and then I had my big brother Moe to keep me calmed down.”

Gillispie added that he began understanding that some of the struggles he and Hill were enduring were also being leveled at his teammates.

“I started realizing that it not only was a big adjustment for me and Moe but it was a big adjustment for the guys we played with. So I kinda calmed down after the first year.
“I played three years for Post 23 and my teammates were great. I wouldn’t change anything that ever happened because it was a great experience and I gained lifelong friends from it.”

Gillispie, a graduate of Gaston College’s nursing school, has lived in Salisbury for decades and retired in 2012 from that city’s Veterans Administration Hospital.

He credits his uncle, Eddie Bratton of Dallas, for giving him his love of baseball by taking him to games, teaching him how to play and later letting him play on his teams in the early 1960s.

“I was playing that aggressive style of baseball with men when I was 14,” Gillispie said.

Gillispie attended three high schools, Bessemer City’s Lincoln High, Gastonia’s Highland High and, finally, Dallas High where he graduated in 1966.

He also continued to shine for Post 23 as the team won the Area IV title all three years Gillispie was on the team, even as they lost to powerful opponents each year in the Western finals – to eventual American Legion World Series runner-up Charlotte Post 9 in 1964, to eventual ALWS champion Charlotte Post 9 in 1965 and to eventual N.C. runner-up Greensboro Cone in 1966. Gillispie led Gastonia in 1966 with a .419 batting average.

After one year playing football and baseball at Shaw University in Raleigh, Gillispie returned to Gastonia, enlisted in the military as a medic and played one season for Gaston College’s inaugural baseball team for Hugh “Buzz” Peeler. Peeler, a Cherryville American Legion Post 100 star in 1953 who later played at Lenoir-Rhyne and professionally, was the coach of the 1964 Post 23 team.

Following that season, Gillispie was stationed at a military hospital in Illinois and his sargeant gave him permission to play in an independent baseball league in that state.

A lefty hitter, Gillispie dominated the Eastern League by winning three batting titles in his four seasons in the league. In 2010, a book written about the history of the Eastern League named Gillispie the sixth-best player in its 75-year history.

But Gillispie longed for home and returned to Gastonia where he raised his family and played and coached semipro baseball.

“I’ve got a lot of kids,” said Gillespie, who married Edna Thorpe Gillispie when he was stationed in Illinois. “I’ve got three boys and three girls. And when I got remarried, she had three boys. I have a wonderful wife and she was also a nurse.”

One son, Lovell Gillispie, coaches Huss football and baseball and another son, Travis Gillispie, runs a baseball organization called the Gastonia Tigers.

In recent years, Gillispie has had open heart surgery in 2007, total hip replacement in 2012 and more leg surgery to deal with circulation issues.

“But I’m still enjoying life, my family and baseball,” Gillispie said.

Recently, he attended a game for nationally-ranked Gaston College at Gastonia’s Sims Legion Park.

“I certainly support the Rhinos,” Gillispie said. “I think it’s a great thing and I think it’s great that they’re playing at Sims Legion Park because I consider that the house that I built.”










College basketball

The 2024 NCAA men’s basketball tournament pairings:

(Tuesday, March 19 at UD Arena, Dayton, Ohio)
WEST: No. 16 Wagner (16-15) vs. No. 16 Howard (18-16), 6:40 p.m. (truTV)
MIDWEST: No. 10 Virginia (23-10) vs. No. 10 Colorado State (24-10), 9:10 p.m. (truTV)
(Wednesday, March 20 at UD Arena, Dayton, Ohio)
MIDWEST: No. 16 Montana State (17-17) vs. No. 16 Grambling State (20-14), 6:40 p.m. (truTV)
SOUTH: No. 10 Boise State (22-10) vs. No. 10 Colorado (24-10), 9:10 p.m. (truTV)


(Thursday, March 21 at CHI Health Center, Omaha, Neb.)
No. 6 BYU (23-10) vs. No. 11 Duquesne (24-11), 12:40 p.m. (truTV)
No. 3 Illinois (26-8) vs. No. 14 Morehead State (26-8), 3:10 p.m. (truTV)
No. 7 Washington State (24-9) vs No. 10 Drake (28-6), 10:05 p.m. (truTV)
No. 2 Iowa State (27-7) vs. No. 15 South Dakota State (22-12), 7:35 p.m. (truTV)
(Friday, March 22 at Barclays Center, Brooklyn, N.Y.)
No. 1 Connecticut (31-3) vs. No. 16 Stetson (22-12), 2:45 p.m. (TBS)
No. 8 Florida Atlantic (25-8) vs. No. 9 Northwestern (21-11), 12:15 p.m. (CBS)
(Friday, March 22 at Spokane Veterans Memorial Arena, Spokane, Wash.)
No. 5 San Diego State (24-10) vs. No. 12 UAB (23-11), 1:45 p.m. (TNT)
No. 4 Auburn (27-7) vs. No. 13 Yale (22-9), 4:15 p.m. (TNT)
(Thursday, March 28 and Saturday, March 30 at Boston, Mass.)
Semifinals and final

(Thursday, March 21 at PPG Paints Arena, Pittsburgh)
No. 6 Texas Tech (23-10) vs. No. 11 N.C. State (22-14), 9:40 p.m. (CBS)
No. 3 Kentucky (23-9) vs. No. 14 Oakland (23-11), 7:10 p.m. (CBS)
(Friday, March 22 at FedEx Forum, Memphis, Tenn.)
No. 1 Houston (30-4) vs. No. 16 Longwood (21-13), 9:20 p.m. (TNT)
No. 8 Nebraska (23-10) vs. No. 9 Texas A&M (20-14), 6:50 p.m. (TNT)
(Friday, March 22 at Barclays Center, Brooklyn, N.Y.)
No. 5 Wisconsin (22-13) vs. No. 12 James Madison (31-3), 9:40 p.m. (CBS)
No. 4 Duke (24-8 vs. No. 13 Vermont (28-6), 7:10 p.m. (CBS)
(Friday, March 22 at Gainbridge Fieldhouse, Indianapolis)
No. 7 Florida (24-11) vs. No. 10 Boise State/Colorado, 4:30 p.m. (TBS)
No. 2 Marquette (25-9) vs. No. 15 Western Kentucky (22-11), 2 p.m. (TBS)
(Friday, March 29 and Saturday, March 31 at Dallas, Tex.)
Semifinals and final

(Thursday, March 21 at Delta Center, Salt Lake City)
No. 5 Gonzaga (25-7) vs. No. 12 McNeese (30-3), 7:25 p.m. (TBS)
No. 4 Kansas (22-10) vs. No. 13 Samford (29-5), 9:55 p.m. (TBS)
(Thursday, March 21 at PPG Paints Arena, Pittsburgh)
No. 6 South Carolina (26-7) vs. No. 11 Oregon (23-11), 4 p.m. (TNT)
No. 3 Creighton (23-9) vs. No. 14 Akron (24-10), 1:30 p.m. (TNT)
(Thursday, March 21 at Spectrum Center, Charlotte, N.C.)
No. 7 Texas (20-12) vs. No. 10 Virginia/Colorado State, 6:50 p.m. (TNT)
No. 2 Tennessee (24-8) vs. No. 15 Saint Peter’s (19-13), 9:20 p.m. (TNT)
(Friday, March 22 at Gainbridge Fieldhouse, Indianapolis)
No. 1 Purdue (29-4) vs. No. 16 Montana State/Grambling State, 7:25 p.m. (TBS)
No. 8 Utah State (27-6) vs. No. 9 TCU (21-12), 9:55 p.m. (TBS)
(Friday, March 29 and Saturday, March 31 at Detroit, Mich.)
Semifinals and final

(Thursday, March 21 at Spectrum Center, Charlotte, N.C.
No. 1 North Carolina (27-7) vs. No. 16 Howard/Wagner, 2:45 p.m. (CBS)
No. 8 Mississippi State (21-13) vs. No. 9 Michigan State (19-14), 12:15 p.m. (CBS)
(Thursday, March 21 at Delta Center, Salt Lake City)
No. 7 Dayton (24-7) vs. No. 10 Nevada (26-7), 4:30 p.m. (TBS)
No. 2 Arizona (25-8) vs. No. 15 Long Beach State (21-14), 2 p.m. (TBS)
(Friday, March 22 at FedEx Forum, Memphis, Tenn.)
No. 6 Clemson (21-11) vs. No. 11 New Mexico (26-9), 3:10 p.m. (truTV)
No. 3 Baylor (23-10) vs. No. 14 Colgate (25-9)
(Friday, March 22 at Spokane Veterans Memorial Arena, Spokane, Wash.
No. 5 Saint Mary’s (26-7) vs. No. 12 Grand Canyon (29-4), 10:05 p.m. (truTV)
No. 4 Alabama (21-11) vs. No. 13 Charleston (27-7), 7:35 p.m. (truTV)
(Thursday, March 28 and Saturday, March 30 at Los Angeles, Cal.)
Semifinals and final

(Saturday, April 6 and Monday, April 8)
Semifinals at final











Pro basketball

Here is the Charlotte Hornets’ 2023-24 regular season schedule:

Wed. 25 ATLANTA (W 116-110)
Fri. 27 DETROIT (L 99-111)
Mon. 30 BROOKLYN (L 121-133)
Wed. 1 at Houston (L 119-128)
Sat. 4 at Indiana (W 125-124)
Sun. 5 at Dallas (L 118-124)
Wed. 8 WASHINGTON (L 116-132)
Fri. 10 at Washington (W 124-117)
Sun. 12 at New York (L 107-129)
Tue. 14 MIAMI (L 105-111)
Fri. 17 MILWAUKEE (L 99-130)
Sat. 18 NEW YORK (L 108-122)
Mon. 20 BOSTON (W 121-118, OT)
Wed. 22 WASHINGTON (W 117-114)
Sun. 26 at Orlando (L 117-130)
Tue. 28 at New York (L 91-115)
Thu. 30 at Brooklyn (W 129-128)
Sat. 2 MINNESOTA (L 117-123)
Wed. 6 at Chicago (L 100-111)
Fri. 8 TORONTO (W 119-116)
Mon. 11 MIAMI (L 114-116)
Wed. 13 at Miami (L 104-115)
Fri. 15 NEW ORLEANS (L 107-112)
Sat. 16 PHILADELPHIA (L 82-135)
Mon. 18 at Toronto (L 99-114)
Wed. 20 at Indiana (L 113-144)
Sat. 23 DENVER (L 95-102)
Tue. 26 at LA Clippers (L 104-113)
Thu. 28 at LA Lakers (L 112-133)
Fri. 29 at Phoenix (L 119-133)
Mon. 1 at Denver (L 93-111)
Tue. 2 at Sacramento (W 111-104)
Fri. 5 at Chicago (L 91-104)
Mon. 8 CHICAGO (L 112-119, OT)
Wed. 10 SACRAMENTO (L 98-123)
Fri. 12 at San Antonio (L 99-135)
Sun. 14 at Miami (L 87-104)
Wed. 17 at New Orleans (L 112-132)
Fri. 19 SAN ANTONIO (W 124-120)
Sat. 20 PHILADELPHIA (L 89-97 )
Mon. 22 at Minnesota (W 128-125)
Wed. 24 at Detroit (L 106-113)
Fri. 26 HOUSTON (L 104-138)
Sat. 27 UTAH (L 122-134)
Mon. 29 NEW YORK (L 92-113)
Wed. 31 CHICAGO (L 110-117)
Fri. 2 at Oklahoma City (L 106-126)
Sun. 4 INDIANA (L 99-115)
Mon. 5 LA LAKERS (L 118-124)
Wed. 7 TORONTO (L 117-123)
Fri. 9 at Milwaukee (L 84-120)
Sat. 10 MEMPHIS (W 115-106)
Mon. 12 INDIANA (W 111-102)
Wed. 14 ATLANTA (W 122-99 )
Thu. 22 at Utah (W 115-107)
Fri. 23 at Golden State (L 84-97 )
Sun. 25 at Portland (W 93-80 )
Tue. 27 at Milwaukee (L 85-123)
Thu. 29 MILWAUKEE (L 99-111)
Fri. 1 at Philadelphia (L 114-121)
Sun. 3 at Toronto (L 106-111)
Tue. 5 ORLANDO (L 89-101)
Fri. 8 at Washington (L 100-112)
Sat. 9 BROOKLYN (W 110-99 )
Mon. 11 at Detroit (L 97-114)
Wed. 13 at Memphis (W 110-98 )
Fri. 15 PHOENIX (L 96-107)
Sat. 16 at Philadelphia (L 98-109)
Tue. 19 at Orlando 7 p.m.
Sat. 23 at Atlanta 7:30 p.m.
Mon. 25 at Cleveland 7 p.m.
Wed. 27 CLEVELAND 7 p.m.
Fri. 29 GOLDEN STATE 7 p.m.
Sun. 31 LA CLIPPERS 6 p.m.
Mon. 1 BOSTON 7 p.m.
Wed. 3 PORTLAND 7 p.m.
Fri. 5 ORLANDO 7 p.m.
Sun. 7 OKLAHOMA CITY 6 p.m.
Tue. 9 DALLAS 7 p.m.
Wed. 10 at Atlanta 7:30 p.m.
Fri. 12 at Boston 7:30 p.m.
Sun. 14 at Cleveland 1 p.m.











Pro soccer

Here is the Charlotte FC 2024 schedule:

(1-1-1 record)
Saturday, Feb 24, New York (W 1-0)
Saturday, Mar 2, at Vancouver (T 1-1)
Saturday, Mar 9, at Toronto (L 0-1)
Saturday, Mar 16, at Nashville (L 1-2)
Saturday, Mar 23, Columbus, 7:30 PM
Saturday, Mar 30, Cincinnati, 7:30 PM
Saturday, Apr 6, at New England, 7:30 PM
Saturday, Apr 13, Toronto, 7:30 PM
Sunday, Apr 21, Minnesota, 6 PM
Saturday, Apr 27, at New York, 7:30 PM
Saturday, May 4, Portland, 7:30 PM
Saturday, May 11, Nashville, 7:30 PM
Wednesday, May 15, at Chicago, 8:30 PM
Saturday, May 18, LA Galaxy, 7:30 PM
Saturday, May 25, Philadelphia, 7:30 PM
Wednesday, May 29, at New York Redbulls, 7:30 PM
Sunday, Jun 2, at Atlanta, 4:30 PM
Saturday, Jun 15, DC, 7:30 PM
Wednesday, Jun 19, Orlando, 7:30 PM
Saturday, Jun 22, at Philadelphia, 7:30 PM
Saturday, Jun 29, at Houston, 8:30 PM
Wednesday, Jul 3, Miami, 7:30 PM
Saturday, Jul 13, at Cincinnati, 7:30 PM
Wednesday, Jul 17, at Columbus, 7:30 PM
Saturday, Jul 20, at Austin, 8:30 PM
Saturday, Aug 24, New York Redbulls, 7:30 PM
Saturday, Aug 31, Atlanta, 7:30 PM
Saturday, Sep 14, at Montreal, 7:30 PM
Wednesday, Sep 18, at Orlando, 8 PM
Saturday, Sep 21, New England, 7:30 PM
Saturday, Sep 28, at Miami, 7:30 PM
Wednesday, Oct 2, Chicago, 7:30 PM
Saturday, Oct 5, Montreal, 7:30 PM
Saturday, Oct 19, at DC, 6 PM









High school baseball

Here’s are the area’s results and schedule:

(Monday, March 18)
South Point at Ashbrook
Highland Tech at Bessemer City
North Lincoln at Foard
St. Stephens at East Lincoln
Ashbrook at Palisades, ppd., no date
Carolina International at Piedmont Community Charter
East at Kings Mountain
Gaston Christian at Asheville Christian
Highland Tech at Lincolnton
Kings Mountain at East Gaston

(Tuesday, March 19)
Crest at Huss
Kings Mountain at Ashbrook
North Gaston at Cramer
South Point at Forestview
Burns at Bessemer City
Shelby at East Gaston
Thomas Jefferson at Cherryville
Highland Tech at Piedmont Community Charter
East Lincoln at North Lincoln
East Burke at Lincolnton
West Caldwell at West Lincoln
Lincoln Charter at Bradford Prep
Mountain Island Charter at Christ the King
Gaston Christian at Providence Day
Gaston Day at Statesville Christian

(Wednesday, March 20)
Burns at West Lincoln
Chase at Crest
Independence at Lincoln Charter
West Meck at Huss

(Thursday, March 21)
Cannon at Gaston Day
Cherryville at South Point
Cramer at Highland Tech

(Friday, March 22)
Ashbrook at Kings Mountain
Cramer at North Gaston
Forestview at South Point
Huss at Crest
Bessemer City at Burns
Cherryville at Thomas Jefferson
East Gaston at Shelby
Piedmont Community Charter at Concord Academy
North Iredell at East Lincoln
North Lincoln at Hickory
Maiden at Lincolnton
West Lincoln at East Burke
Bradford Prep at Lincoln Charter
Christ the King at Mountain Island Charter
NorthPoint Christian at Gaston Christian

(Monday, March 25)
Concord Academy at Gaston Christian
East Gaston at Palisades
Highland Tech at Ashbrook
Jackson Day at Piedmont Community Charter
North Meck at Mountain Island Charter

(Tuesday, March 26)
Ashbrook at Crest
Cramer at South Point
Kings Mountain at Huss
North Gaston at Forestview
Cherryville at Burns
East Gaston at Highland Tech
Thomas Jefferson at Shelby
East Lincoln at Foard
North Lincoln at Statesville
West Lincoln at Lincolnton
Langtree Charter at Mountain Island Charter
Pine Lake Prep at Lincoln Charter

(Wednesday, March 27)
Forestview at Palisades
Huss at Bessemer City
Lincolnton at R-S Central
Piedmont Community Charter at Valor Prep

(Thursday, March 28)
Crest at Ashbrook
Forestview at North Gaston
Huss at Kings Mountain
South Point at Cramer
Burns at Cherryville
Highland Tech at East Gaston
Shelby at Thomas Jefferson
Piedmont Community Charter at Queen’s Grant
Hickory at East Lincoln
West Iredell at North Lincoln
Bandys at West Lincoln
Lincolnton at Bunker Hill
Lincoln Charter at Pine Lake Prep
Mountain Island Charter at Langtree Charter









Middle school baseball

Gaston County Conference standings (thru March 14):
Belmont 1-0
Chavis 1-0
W.C. Friday 1-0
Holbrook 1-0
Stanley 1-0
Southwest 0-0
Bessemer City 0-1
Cramerton 0-1
Grier 0-1
Mount Holly 0-1
York Chester 0-1

(Monday, March 18 schedule:)
Holbrook at Southwest, Grier at Stanley, W.C. Friday at York Chester, Cramerton at Belmont, Chavis at Bessemer City, BYE – Mount Holly

(Thursday, March 21 schedule:)
Mount Holly at Grier, Southwest at W.C. Friday, Stanley at Cramerton, York Chester at Chavis, Belmont at Bessemer City, BYE – Holbrook









Middle school girls soccer

Gaston County Conference standings (thru March 14):
Belmont 1-0
Bessemer City 1-0
Cramerton 1-0
Holbrook 1-0
Mount Holly 1-0
Southwest 0-0
Chavis 0-1
W.C. Friday 0-1
Grier 0-1
Stanley 0-1
York Chester 0-1

(Monday, March 18 schedule:)
Holbrook at Southwest, Grier at Stanley, W.C. Friday at York Chester, Cramerton at Belmont, Chavis at Bessemer City, BYE – Mount Holly

(Thursday, March 21 schedule:)
Mount Holly at Grier, Southwest at W.C. Friday, Stanley at Cramerton, York Chester at Chavis, Belmont at Bessemer City, BYE – Holbrook







Travel basketball

West Lincoln Lightning boys will be holding tryouts for the following teams: middle school (6th-8th grades) and high school (9th-11th grades) on Tuesday, March 19 (6-7:30 p.m. new gym) at West Lincoln High School on 172 Shoal Road in Lincolnton. For more information, call David Handsel at 704-813-9426.










Auto racing

Here is the 2024 NASCAR schedule with date, race and site and winners in parentheses:

Sat. Feb. 3 Busch Light Clash at the Coliseum, LA Memorial Coliseum (Danny Hamlin)
Thu. Feb. 15 Bluegreen Vacations Duel 1 at Daytona, Daytona Intl Speedway (Tyler Redick)
Thu. Feb. 15 Bluegreen Vacations Duel 2 at Daytona, Daytona Intl Speedway (Christopher Bell)
Mon. Feb. 19 Daytona 500, Daytona International Speedway (William Byron)
Sun. Feb. 25 Ambetter Health 400, Atlanta Motor Speedway (Daniel Suarez)
Sun. Mar. 3 Pennzoil 400, Las Vegas Motor Speedway (Kyle Larson)
Sun. Mar. 10 Shriners Children’s 500, Phoenix Raceway (Bell-2)
Sun. Mar. 17 Food City 500, Bristol Motor Speedway (Hamlin-2)
Sun. Mar. 24 EchoPark Automotive Grand Prix, Circuit of the Americas 3:30 p.m.Fox/PRN
Sun. Mar. 31 Toyota Owners 400, Richmond Raceway 7 p.m. Fox/MRN
Sun. Apr. 7 Cook Out 400, Martinsville Speedway 3 p.m. FS1/MRN
Sun. Apr. 14 AutoTrader EchoPark Automotive 400, Texas Motor Speedway 3:30 p.m.FS1/PRN
Sun. Apr. 21 GEICO 500, Talladega Superspeedway 3 p.m. Fox/MRN
Sun. Apr. 28 Wurth 400, Dover Motor Speedway 2 p.m. FS1/PRN
Sun. May 5 AdventHealth 400, Kansas Speedway 3 p.m. FS1/MRN
Sun. May 12 Goodyear 400, Darlington Raceway 3 p.m. FS1/MRN
Sun. May 19 NASCAR All-Star Open, North Wilkesboro Speedway 8 p.m. FS1/MRN
Sun. May 19 NASCAR All-Star Race, North Wilkesboro Speedway 8 p.m. FS1/MRN
Sun. May 26 Coca-Cola 600, Charlotte Motor Speedway 6 p.m. Fox/PRN
Sun. June 2 Enjoy Illinois 300, World Wide Technology Raceway 3:30 p.m.FS1/MRN
Sun. June 9 Toyota/Save Mart 350, Sonoma Raceway 3:30 p.m.Fox/PRN
Sun. June 16 Iowa Corn 350, Iowa Speedway 7 p.m. USA/MRN
Sun. June 23 Cup Series race at New Hampshire, New Hampshire Motor Speedway 2:30 p.m.USA/PRN
Sun. June 30 Ally 400, Nashville Superspeedway 3:30 p.m.NBC/PRN
Sun. July 7 Grant Park 165, Chicago Street Course 4:30 p.m.NBC/MRN
Sun. July 14 Cup Series Race at Pocono, Pocono Raceway 2:30 p.m.USA/MRN
Sun. July 21 Brickyard 400, Indianapolis Motor Speedway 2:30 p.m.NBC/IMS
Sun. Aug. 11 Cook Out 400, Richmond Raceway 6 p.m. USA/MRN
Sun. Aug. 18 FireKeepers Casino 400, Michigan International Raceway 2:30 p.m.USA/MRN
Sat. Aug. 24 Coke Zero Sugar 400, Daytona International Speedway 7:30 p.m.NBC/MRN
Sun. Sept. 1 Cook Out Southern 500, Darlington Raceway 6 p.m. USA/MRN
(NASCAR playoff race schedule 2024)
Sun. Sept. 8 Quaker State 400, Atlanta Motor Speedway 3 p.m. USA/PRN
Sun. Sept. 15 Go Bowling at the Glen, Watkins Glen International 3 p.m. USA/MRN
Sat. Sept. 21 Bass Pro Shops Night Race, Bristol Motor Speedway 7:30 p.m.USA/PRN
Sun. Sept. 29 Hollywood Casino 400, Kansas Speedway 3 p.m. USA/PRN
Sun. Oct. 6 YellaWood 500, Talladega Superspeedway 2 p.m. NBC/MRN
Sun. Oct. 13 Bank of America Roval 400, Charlotte Motor Speedway Road Course 2 p.m. NBC/PRN
Sun. Oct. 20 South Point 400, Las Vegas Motor Speedway 2:30 p.m.NBC/PRN
Sun. Oct. 27 Cup Series race at Homestead-Miami, Homestead-Miami Speedway 2:30 p.m.NBC/MRN
Sun. Nov. 3 XFINITY 500, Martinsville Speedway 2 p.m. NBC/MRN
Sun. Nov. 10 NASCAR Cup Series Championship, Phoenix Raceway 3 p.m. NBC/MRN