1-23-24 roundup: Pro football and basketball, College football and basketball, High school basketball and wrestling, Middle school basketball

By Richard Walker

Host North Gaston edged Kings Mountain in the hotly-contested Big South 3A wrestling championships last Saturday.

North Gaston celebrates its 2024 Big South wrestling tournament championship.

The Wildcats finished a half-point ahead of the Mountaineers to take the team title.

Here are the team scores:
1. North Gaston 172.5
2. Kings Mountain 172.0
3. Ashbrook 147.0
4. South Point 134.0
5. Cramer 95.0
6. Crest 44.0
7. Forestview 30.0
8. Hunter Huss 27.0

Here are individual champions by weight class with results:
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Luis Davis of Kings Mountain
2nd Place – Charlie Price of South Point
3rd Place – Hashimi Cole of North Gaston
4th Place – Zion Taylor-Jenkins of Crest
1st Place Match
Luis Davis (Kings Mountain) 9-0, So. over Charlie Price (South Point) 8-1, Jr. (Dec 3-0)
3rd Place Match
Hashimi Cole (North Gaston) 4-3, Jr. over Zion Taylor-Jenkins (Crest) 4-5, Fr. (Fall 3:42)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Louis Scott of North Gaston
2nd Place – Kylen Behler of South Point
3rd Place – Braedon Jones of Kings Mountain
4th Place – Jonathan Hernandez of Hunter Huss
1st Place Match
Louis Scott (North Gaston) 9-0, . over Kylen Behler (South Point) 6-4, Fr. (Fall 5:15)
3rd Place Match
Braedon Jones (Kings Mountain) 6-5, Fr. over Jonathan Hernandez (Hunter Huss) 5-4, Fr. (Fall 3:19)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Kaiden Deaton of Crest
2nd Place – Mason Robinson of Stuart Cramer HS
3rd Place – James Whitley of North Gaston
4th Place – Jaycob Perez of Ashbrook
1st Place Match
Kaiden Deaton (Crest) 9-0, So. over Mason Robinson (Stuart Cramer HS) 6-3, Sr. (Fall 0:47)
3rd Place Match
James Whitley (North Gaston) 7-4, . over Jaycob Perez (Ashbrook) 5-5, Fr. (Dec 6-2)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Graham Martin of South Point
2nd Place – Lucas Davis of Kings Mountain
3rd Place – Brooks Pollards of Ashbrook
4th Place – Dkevious Caldwell of Hunter Huss
1st Place Match
Graham Martin (South Point) 7-2, So. over Lucas Davis (Kings Mountain) 8-1, So. (Dec 11-9)
3rd Place Match
Brooks Pollards (Ashbrook) 7-2, Jr. over Dkevious Caldwell (Hunter Huss) 3-6, Fr. (Fall 0:28)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Bentley Sly of Stuart Cramer HS
2nd Place – Maveric Monteith of Ashbrook
3rd Place – Kamari Coleman of Kings Mountain
4th Place – Rylan Barber of North Gaston
1st Place Match
Bentley Sly (Stuart Cramer HS) 9-0, So. over Maveric Monteith (Ashbrook) 7-2, So. (TF-1.5 1:53 (17-0))
3rd Place Match
Kamari Coleman (Kings Mountain) 7-4, So. over Rylan Barber (North Gaston) 4-5, Fr. (Fall 2:19)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Trevon Bowers of Forestview
2nd Place – Garrett Carpenter of North Gaston
3rd Place – Nile Teders of South Point
4th Place – Damien Baez of Ashbrook
1st Place Match
Trevon Bowers (Forestview) 4-4, Sr. over Garrett Carpenter (North Gaston) 8-1, . (Dec 10-3)
3rd Place Match
Nile Teders (South Point) 9-2, Jr. over Damien Baez (Ashbrook) 6-5, Sr. (Fall 3:00)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Will Varner of Kings Mountain
2nd Place – Dawson Tobin of South Point
3rd Place – Kaden Brown of North Gaston
4th Place – Jaidyn Miazzin of Ashbrook
1st Place Match
Will Varner (Kings Mountain) 10-0, So. over Dawson Tobin (South Point) 7-3, Sr. (Fall 0:52)
3rd Place Match
Kaden Brown (North Gaston) 9-2, . over Jaidyn Miazzin (Ashbrook) 5-4, Jr. (Dec 4-3)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – James Weaver of North Gaston
2nd Place – Cameron Scott of Stuart Cramer HS
3rd Place – Chance Habel of Kings Mountain
4th Place – Paxton York of Ashbrook
1st Place Match
James Weaver (North Gaston) 9-0, . over Cameron Scott (Stuart Cramer HS) 7-3, Sr. (Dec 4-1)
3rd Place Match
Chance Habel (Kings Mountain) 7-4, Sr. over Paxton York (Ashbrook) 8-3, Sr. (Fall 2:41)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Jaelen Culp of Kings Mountain
2nd Place – Seth Mcgaha of North Gaston
3rd Place – Hugh Sproul of Forestview
4th Place – Cooper McMillian of Stuart Cramer HS
1st Place Match
Jaelen Culp (Kings Mountain) 9-0, So. over Seth Mcgaha (North Gaston) 5-4, . (Fall 1:02)
3rd Place Match
Hugh Sproul (Forestview) 4-4, So. over Cooper McMillian (Stuart Cramer HS) 3-5, Fr. (Fall 2:24)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Lucas Conger of South Point
2nd Place – Abel Feliciano of Ashbrook
3rd Place – Jacob Powell of North Gaston
4th Place – Emmanuel Ortiz of Kings Mountain
1st Place Match
Lucas Conger (South Point) 9-0, So. over Abel Feliciano (Ashbrook) 8-1, Jr. (Dec 4-3)
3rd Place Match
Jacob Powell (North Gaston) 8-2, . over Emmanuel Ortiz (Kings Mountain) 7-4, Jr. (Dec 8-3)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Khadin Boone of Ashbrook
2nd Place – Tripp Norwood of North Gaston
3rd Place – Donovan Cavendar of Kings Mountain
4th Place – Christopher Wurster of Stuart Cramer HS
1st Place Match
Khadin Boone (Ashbrook) 9-0, Sr. over Tripp Norwood (North Gaston) 7-2, . (Fall 4:00)
3rd Place Match
Donovan Cavendar (Kings Mountain) 4-4, Jr. over Christopher Wurster (Stuart Cramer HS) 4-6, So. (Dec 4-3)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Ashton Knauf of South Point
2nd Place – Letrasky Pressley of Ashbrook
3rd Place – Pesamino Brock of Stuart Cramer HS
4th Place – Wesley Gunn of Hunter Huss
1st Place Match
Ashton Knauf (South Point) 9-0, Jr. over Letrasky Pressley (Ashbrook) 8-2, Sr. (Fall 2:58)
3rd Place Match
Pesamino Brock (Stuart Cramer HS) 7-4, Sr. over Wesley Gunn (Hunter Huss) 5-4, Fr. (Dec 5-3)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Dewayne Davis of North Gaston
2nd Place – Caleb Gordon of Ashbrook
3rd Place – Christian Heffner of Stuart Cramer HS
4th Place – Life Gill of Hunter Huss
1st Place Match
Dewayne Davis (North Gaston) 8-0, Fr. over Caleb Gordon (Ashbrook) 6-3, Sr. (Dec 9-6)
3rd Place Match
Christian Heffner (Stuart Cramer HS) 7-3, Jr. over Life Gill (Hunter Huss) 6-3, So. (Fall 3:18)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Javier Currie of Kings Mountain
2nd Place – Jonathan Moore of Ashbrook
3rd Place – Chris Medina of Crest
4th Place – Marcus Turner of North Gaston
1st Place Match
Javier Currie (Kings Mountain) 6-1, Sr. over Jonathan Moore (Ashbrook) 7-1, So. (Dec 8-6)
3rd Place Match
Chris Medina (Crest) 5-5, Jr. over Marcus Turner (North Gaston) 5-4, Sr. (Fall 2:04)










Pro football

The Carolina Panthers on Monday hired a familiar name to its top executive position.

Dan Morgan was a standout player for the franchise and has added to his resume as a scout and member of the team’s player personnel department before becoming the Panthers’ new President of Football Operations/General Manager.

A first-round pick out of Miami, Fla., in 2001, Morgan was a defensive leader for the Panthers’ 2004 Super Bowl team.

Concussions forced Morgan out of the game but he’s since spent the last 14 years in a NFL front office, first joining the Seattle Seahawks in 2010 as a scouting intern and later being elevated to the team’s director of player personnel.

Morgan joined the Buffalo Bills’ organization in 2018 before joining the Panthers as an assistant general manager in 2021.

The 2023-24 NFL playoffs schedule:

Wild Card round: Jan. 13-15
No. 1 Baltimore (13-4), bye
(Monday, Jan. 14)
No. 7 Pittsburgh (10-7) at No. 2 Buffalo (11-6) – Buffalo 31-17
(Saturday, Jan. 13)
No. 6 Miami (11-6) at No. 3 Kansas City (11-6) – Kansas City 26-7
(Saturday, Jan. 13)
No. 5 Cleveland (11-6) at No. 4 Houston (10-7) – Houston 45-14
No. 1 San Francisco (12-5), bye
(Sunday, Jan. 14)
No. 7 Green Bay (9-8) at No. 2 Dallas (12-5) – Green Bay 48-32
(Sunday, Jan. 14)
No. 6 L.A. Rams (10-7) at No. 3 Detroit (12-5) – Detroit 24-23
(Monday, Jan. 15)
No. 5 Philadelphia (11-6) at No. 4 Tampa Bay (9-8) – Tampa Bay 32-9

Divisional round: Jan. 20-21
(Saturday, Jan. 20)
No. 4 Houston at No. 1 Baltimore – Baltimore 34-10
(Sunday, Jan. 21)
No. 3 Kansas City at No. 2 Buffalo – Kansas City 27-24
(Saturday, Jan. 20)
No. 7 Green Bay at No. 1 San Francisco – San Francisco 24-21
(Sunday, Jan. 21)
No. 4 Tampa Bay at No. 3 Detroit – Detroit 31-23

Conference championships: Jan. 28
AFC: Kansas City at Baltimore, 3 p.m. (CBS)
NFC: Detroit at San Francisco, 6:30 p.m. (FOX)

Super Bowl LVIII: Feb. 11
At Las Vegas, 6:30 p.m. (CBS)










Pro basketball

Just a few hours after a stunning road victory over Western Conference leader Minnesota, the Charlotte Hornets traded away
a top scorer when they sent Terry Rozier to the Miami Heat for veteran guard Kyle Lowry and a future first round draft pick in 2027 or 2028.

The 2027 pick would be lottery protected but the 2028 pick would not be.

“I want to thank Terry for all his efforts since coming to Charlotte,” Hornets general manager Mitch Kupchak said in a team news release. “On the court, he was a true professional and a great competitor who set a positive example for our young players. He also made himself a staple of the Charlotte community with his commitment to giving back. We wish him all the best in the future.
“The acquisition of a future first-round pick provides us an asset as we look to build long-term sustainable success around our young core of talented players. We believe adding this future pick and the additional financial flexibility from this trade will be beneficial as we continue to build our team moving forward.”

Kupchak later told media on Tuesday night that he expected the team to be involved in trade talks up until the Feb. 8 NBA trade deadline as the Hornets are considered likely to sell off assets for future draft picks and contract flexibility.

Rozier is currently averaging career highs this season in points per game (23.2), field goal percentage (45.9) and assists per game (6.6). He has appeared in 570 games (328 starts) in his 9-year career while averaging 14.1 points, 3.9 rebounds, 3.6 assists and 1.0 steals per game. Rozier is 5th in Charlotte team history in points (5,974), 3rd in 3-pointers made (864), 10th in assists (1,395) and 10th in steals (347).

Rozier came to the Hornets in 2019 from the Boston Celtics along with a 2nd round draft pick in exchange for Kemba Walker and a 2nd round draft pick. In his 5 seasons with the Hornets, Rozier averaged 20.0 points, 4.3 rebounds, 4.7 assists and 1.2 steals in 298 games (all starts).

In Lowry, the Hornets acquire a 6-time NBA All-Star who is averaging 8.2 points, 3.5 rebounds, 4.0 assists and 1.1 steals per game in 37 appearances (35 starts) this season. Reports indicate the Hornets are likely to buyout Lowry, an 18-year veteran with career averages of 14.4 points, 4.3 rebounds, 6.2 assists and 1.3 steals per game in 1,115 games (866 starts).

Here is the Charlotte Hornets’ 2023-24 regular season schedule:

Wed. 25 ATLANTA (W 116-110)
Fri. 27 DETROIT (L 99-111)
Mon. 30 BROOKLYN (L 121-133)
Wed. 1 at Houston (L 119-128)
Sat. 4 at Indiana (W 125-124)
Sun. 5 at Dallas (L 118-124)
Wed. 8 WASHINGTON (L 116-132)
Fri. 10 at Washington (W 124-117)
Sun. 12 at New York (L 107-129)
Tue. 14 MIAMI (L 105-111)
Fri. 17 MILWAUKEE (L 99-130)
Sat. 18 NEW YORK (L 108-122)
Mon. 20 BOSTON (W 121-118, OT)
Wed. 22 WASHINGTON (W 117-114)
Sun. 26 at Orlando (L 117-130)
Tue. 28 at New York (L 91-115)
Thu. 30 at Brooklyn (W 129-128)
Sat. 2 MINNESOTA (L 117-123)
Wed. 6 at Chicago (L 100-111)
Fri. 8 TORONTO (W 119-116)
Mon. 11 MIAMI (L 114-116)
Wed. 13 at Miami (L 104-115)
Fri. 15 NEW ORLEANS (L 107-112)
Sat. 16 PHILADELPHIA (L 82-135)
Mon. 18 at Toronto (L 99-114)
Wed. 20 at Indiana (L 113-144)
Sat. 23 DENVER (L 95-102)
Tue. 26 at LA Clippers (L 104-113)
Thu. 28 at LA Lakers (L 112-133)
Fri. 29 at Phoenix (L 119-133)
Mon. 1 at Denver (L 93-111)
Tue. 2 at Sacramento (W 111-104)
Fri. 5 at Chicago (L 91-104)
Mon. 8 CHICAGO (L 112-119, OT)
Wed. 10 SACRAMENTO (L 98-123)
Fri. 12 at San Antonio (L 99-135)
Sun. 14 at Miami (L 87-104)
Wed. 17 at New Orleans (L 112-132)
Fri. 19 SAN ANTONIO (W 124-120)
Sat. 20 PHILADELPHIA (L 89-97 )
Mon. 22 at Minnesota (W 128-125)
Wed. 24 at Detroit 7 p.m.
Fri. 26 HOUSTON 7 p.m.
Sat. 27 UTAH 7 p.m.
Mon. 29 NEW YORK 7 p.m.
Wed. 31 CHICAGO 7 p.m.
Fri. 2 at Oklahoma City 8 p.m.
Sun. 4 INDIANA 6 p.m.
Mon. 5 LA LAKERS 7 p.m.
Wed. 7 TORONTO 7 p.m.
Fri. 9 at Milwaukee 8 p.m.
Sat. 10 MEMPHIS 7 p.m.
Mon. 12 INDIANA 7 p.m.
Wed. 14 ATLANTA 7 p.m.
Thu. 22 at Utah 9 p.m.
Fri. 23 at Golden State 10 p.m.
Sun. 25 at Portland 9 p.m.
Tue. 27 at Milwaukee 8 p.m.
Thu. 29 MILWAUKEE 7 p.m.
Fri. 1 at Philadelphia 7 p.m.
Sun. 3 at Toronto 6 p.m.
Tue. 5 ORLANDO 7 p.m.
Fri. 8 at Washington 7 p.m.
Sat. 9 BROOKLYN 7 p.m.
Mon. 11 at Detroit 7 p.m.
Wed. 13 at Memphis 8 p.m.
Fri. 15 PHOENIX 7 p.m.
Sat. 16 at Philadelphia 7 p.m.
Tue. 19 at Orlando 7 p.m.
Sat. 23 at Atlanta 7:30 p.m.
Mon. 25 at Cleveland 7 p.m.
Wed. 27 CLEVELAND 7 p.m.
Fri. 29 GOLDEN STATE 7 p.m.
Sun. 31 LA CLIPPERS 6 p.m.
Mon. 1 BOSTON 7 p.m.
Wed. 3 PORTLAND 7 p.m.
Fri. 5 ORLANDO 7 p.m.
Sun. 7 OKLAHOMA CITY 6 p.m.
Tue. 9 DALLAS 7 p.m.
Wed. 10 at Atlanta 7:30 p.m.
Fri. 12 at Boston 7:30 p.m.
Sun. 14 at Cleveland 1 p.m.










High school basketball

Here are area results/upcoming schedule:
(Tuesday, Jan. 23)
Ashbrook 72, Huss 70

Forestview 59, Cramer 48

Crest 79, Kings Mountain 78

South Point 83, North Gaston 63

Lincolnton 61, West Lincoln 38

Gaston Christian 75, SouthLake 57

Gaston Day 68, Metrolina 48

Corvian Community 63, Lincoln Charter 60

Community School of DAvidson 85, Mountain Island Charter 58

Carolina International 71, Piedmont Community Charter 66

Huss 59, Ashbrook 23

Cramer 65, Forestview 56: Oshauna Holland (25 points, 9 assists, 6 rebounds, 5 steals, 1 block), Lauren Humphrey (17 points, 15 rebounds, 2 assists), Hadley Womack (10 points, 7 rebounds, 1 assist, 1 steal) and Madison Lee (6 points, 3 rebounds) led Cramer and Traylyn Phillips (16 points, 5 steals, 2 assists), Miangel Thompson (15 points, 5 rebounds, 3 assists) and
Blair Riley (8 points, 6 rebounds, 2 blocks) led Forestview.

Crest 57, Kings Mountain 21: Nevaeh Blackwell had 24 points, Kiara Hayes 12 and De’kaylia Davis 10 for Crest and Avery Bridges had 7 points for Kings Mountain.

South Point 64, North Gaston 24: Amya Graham (27 points, 10 rebounds), Dajshia Foust (7 points, 6 rebounds) and Lexi Birtwistle (4 points, 10 assists) led South Point and Jaleila Littlejohn had 18 points for North Gaston.

Bessemer City 73, East Gaston 33: Tionna Pettus (29 points, 13 rebounds, 8 steals, 3 assists), Kionna Pettus (27 points, 15 rebounds, 13 assists, 10 steals, 6 blocks) and Imani Rhodes (17 points, 14 rebounds, 5 steals) led Bessemer City.

Thomas Jefferson 43, Highland Tech 30

East Lincoln 88, North Lincoln 68

West Lincoln 54, Lincolnton 40

Lincoln Charter 64, Corvian Community 30

Community School of Davidson 66, Mountain Island Charter 15

Piedmont CC 68, Carolina International 22: Lyric Brown had 22 points and Bree Phillips 21 for Piedmont Community Charter.

(Wednesday, Jan. 24)
Sugar Creek at Highland Tech

(Thursday, Jan. 25)
Cramer at Kings Mountain

(Friday, Jan. 26)
Crest at Forestview
Huss at North Gaston
South Point at Ashbrook
Burns at Shelby
Cherryville at Thomas Jefferson
Highland Tech at East Gaston
Hickory at East Lincoln
Statesville at North Lincoln
Lincolnton at Bunker Hill
West Lincoln at Bandys
Westminster Catawba at Gaston Christian
Community School of Davidson at Lincoln Charter
Mountain Island Charter at Christ the King
Piedmont CC at Sugar Creek

(Monday, Jan. 29)
Victory Christian Center at Gaston Christian

(Tuesday, Jan. 30)
Crest at Huss
Forestview at South Point
Kings Mountain at Ashbrook
North Gaston at Cramer
Burns at Highland Tech
Shelby at Cherryville
Thomas Jefferson at Bessemer City
East Lincoln at Statesville
North Lincoln at Hickory
Lincolnton at Newton-Conover
Maiden at West Lincoln
Concord Academy at Gaston Day
Langtree at Lincoln Charter
Mountain Island Charter at Pine Lake Prep
Piedmont CC at Valor Prep

(Friday, Feb. 2)
Ashbrook at Crest
Cramer at South Point
Huss at Kings Mountain
North Gaston at Forestview
Bessemer City at Cherryville
East Gaston at Thomas Jefferson
Highland Tech at Shelby
Piedmont CC at Queen’s Grant
East Lincoln at West Iredell
North Lincoln at North Iredell
Bandys at Lincolnton
West Lincoln at Bunker Hill
Gaston Day at Gaston Christian
Langtree at Mountain Island Charter
Lincoln Charter at Pine Lake Prep
Piedmont CC at Queen’s Grant












Middle school basketball

Gaston County Conference standings through Jan. 22:
Chavis 1-0
W.C. Friday 1-0
Grier 1-0
Holbrook 1-0
Stanley 1-0
Southwest 0-0
Belmont 0-1
Bessemer City 0-1
Cramerton 0-1
Mount Holly 0-1
York Chester 0-1

Belmont 1-0
Bessemer City 1-0
Cramerton 1-0
Holbrook 1-0
Mount Holly 1-0
Southwest 0-0
Chavis 0-1
W.C. Friday 0-1
Grier 0-1
Stanley 0-1
York Chester 0-1

(Thursday, Jan. 25)
Holbrook at Southwest, Grier at Stanley, W.C. Friday at York Chester, Cramerton at Belmont, Chavis at Bessemer City, BYE – Mount Holly

(Monday, Jan. 29)
Jan. 29: Mount Holly at Grier, Southwest at W.C. Friday, Stanley at Cramerton, York Chester at Chavis, Belmont at Bessemer City, BYE – Holbrook


















College basketball

Results and schedule for area men’s college basketball:

(Monday, Jan. 22)
USC Salkehatchie 85, Gaston College 78

(Tuesday, Jan. 23)
Charlotte 76, UAB 70
Belmont Abbey 93, Virginia Lynchburg 62

(Wednesday, Jan. 24)
Central Arkansas at Queens
Cleveland CC at Guilford Tech
Davidson at Saint Louis
Gardner-Webb at Longwood

(Friday, Jan. 26)
Gaston College at Denmark Tech

(Saturday, Jan. 27)
Belmont Abbey at Southern Wesleyan
Charlotte at Tulane
Cleveland CC at Fayetteville Tech
J.C. Smith at Claflin
Queens at North Alabama
USC Upstate at Gardner-Webb
VCU at Davidson

(Sunday, Jan. 28)
Cleveland CC at Southwest Virginia
Denmark Tech at Gaston College

(Tuesday, Jan. 30)
Shaw at J.C. Smith

(Wednesday, Jan. 31)
Belmont Abbey at Converse
Davidson-Davie at Cleveland CC
Gaston College at Caldwell Tech
UNC Asheville at Gardner-Webb

(Thursday, Feb. 1)
Eastern Kentucky at Queens
J.C. Smith at Winston-Salem State

(Saturday, Feb. 3)
Bellarmine at Queens
Chowan at Belmont Abbey
East Carolina at Charlotte
Gaston College at Wake Tech
Johnston CC at Cleveland CC

(Sunday, Feb. 4)
Davidson at Loyola